Recent Projects

Re-Build Chadol BBQ Site

Client: Chadol BBQ, Rockville, MD

Project Details: My client was running into issues with his website pages breaking whenever he tried to edit any content. I was able to troubleshoot the site and determine the issue. It came down to an issue with the theme of the website and an excess of plug-ins. We determined that the best long term solution would be re-building the site with a better theme. I was able to replicate and improve on the original site and include special mobile friendly navigation options. The site now runs smoothly and my client doesn’t need to worry about the headache of the website breaking every time he tries to edit this or that on the website.

Build a New Website for Siemers Farm

Client: Siemers Farm, Greenbluff, WA

Project Details: Siemers Farm hired me to build a new website for their farm. The existing site was outdated and lacked responsiveness. Siemers wanted their new site to rank well in searches and display high quality, eye-catching photos of their farm. In addition, Siemers wanted to be able to do some editing on their own once the design was set up and all of the plug-ins were installed and operational.

Re-design Teacher Prose WordPress Website

Client: Eric Brass

Project Details: My client needed a complete re-design of his 8-page WordPress website. I developed the site on a staging domain and created 8 pages based on content from the original website and a mock-up I provided in the initial stages of the project. Each page is modern, responsive on any device, clean, and user-friendly. The site is also strategically optimized for speed and performance. 

Build a New Website for Davis Research

Client: Davis Research

Project Details:  Davis research wanted to replace their old website which was outdated and built on a custom CMS that wasn’t providing them with the functionality they wanted.  They wanted a really clean site that would reflect their credibility to both their clients and their research participants.  I built a clean, simple website with variable navigation and island pages that can’t be accessed without a direct link.  

Build an E-Commerce Website for Home Bakery

Client: Hallie Garrett

Project Details: Hallie wanted a professional (not cute) website for here home bakery.  She offers cookies and muffins by the dozen or half dozen.  Her goal is for people to be able to order cookies and muffins with that classic home-baked taste and have the option for fresh-baked or ready to bake.  The site includes one page navigation, a full e-commerce baked goods shop, and custom graphics.

Website Performance Optimization

Client: Steve Thomason, Minnesota 

Project Details: My client’s first goal was to improve their website speed. The site was initially taking 18 seconds to load. I was able to reduce load speeds to 2 seconds (desktop). The client then wanted to make the site more user-friendly. I provided recommendations and mock-ups for re-designing the homepage as well as the other pages on the website and helped the client make the design changes to improve website performance. The site is now much more streamlined and conveys the site’s purpose to users immediately.

Quick, Budget Friendly Website

Client: Nevada Mobile Home Solutions, Las Vegas, NV

Project Goal: Re-build outdated website with a clean, modern design and get it launched quickly.  

Features: Call now button function, CRM integration with HubSpot forms.

Portfolio - Nevada Mobile Home Solutions Website

Real Estate Website

Client: The Spokane Home Gurus, Spokane, WA

Project goal: Create a high functioning real estate website with IDX integration, buyer and seller guides, and CRM integrations.  Rank well in searches in a highly competitive real estate market with more than 2,400 agents.

Features: IDX capability, Lead tracking, CRM Integration

Imagine It Online - Portfolio - Real Estate Website

Website Re-design

Client: Kurt Bubna 

Project Details: My client’s goal was to refresh his site with a clean, modern look and simplified navigation.  The site features various aspects of his professional expertise and includes a custom blog with site search capabilities.  

Features: Site Search, Simple Navigation, Custom Blog Template

Private Tutoring Websites

Client: Nicole Neale (Private Tutor and Teacher), Spokane, WA

Project Goal: Build a simple landing page website that can be used to provide potential students with information about classes and tutoring options.  Low budget.

Features: Single page navigation

Imagine It Online - Portfolio - Private Tutor Website