Who's farm is it?

Ok, so technically it’s our farm (Hannah and Micah’s).  But we named our farm for our cat. That’s right! We named our cat after a mountain…and our farm after our cat.  Creativity, right?  Well, when I was 6 I named my cat “Little Grey” so, let’s just say I don’t excel at naming stuff.  That said, our cat definitely does think he own’s the place.  So, calling it Rundle’s Urban farm isn’t all that far off.

Bees & Honey

A new addition to the farm this year is Bees.  Over the winter we studied up on Bees and became “Apprentice” level Beekeepers in Washington.  We’ll be getting our first bees in April.  I don’t know whether we’ll get extra honey this year, but stay tuned.

Veggie Starts

This year, we are starting numerous vegetables including several unique heirloom tomato varieties, winter squash, herbs, and flowers.  Starts are available for pre-order below.

Goat's Milk Soap

When I was in middle school, my skin decided the only soap it was going to put up with was goat’s milk soap.  At the time I raised goats and I learned to make my own soap.  Now, I still get goat’s milk and make my own soap for our home.  

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