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Hannah Wilson

In 2015, when I graduated high school I got my first ‘real’ job as an administrative assistant for a realtor.  It was then, I got my first taste of web design.  I was hooked.  While completing my bachelor’s degree I continued working for different realtors as an admin and eventually worked myself into the position of Marketing Manager for one of the top producing realtors in Spokane.  

At first, my responsibilities in marketing ranged from designing print flyers and managing social media marketing for the company.  Eventually, I undertook the task of designing the company’s website from scratch.  Dissatisfied with the clunky cookie-cutter website platform offered by the brokerage, I researched other platforms and editing options.  The website proved a great success and that’s when the wheels started to turn in my mind.

It was at that point, I decided to pursue the idea of web design and consulting.  Having worked on web design for several different companies, I have experience producing high-quality professional websites.  In today’s business climate, it takes a high-quality website to appear credible to potential customers.  Don’t have a website?  Potential clients aren’t going to dig any further to find you.

How’s your online presence?  Contact me today to find out what I can design for you.

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